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Why Host a Forum

“Build it and they will come” many say–if only this was true for events! Despite the effort put into planning and crafting the perfect event experience, the true success of an event lies in the quality of the speakers and attendees, and yet rarely is there a specialized service that can guarantee these outcomes.

Sure you can enlist a speaker’s bureau, talent agency or event marketing firm to help, but these service providers still can’t guarantee filled seats with an actionable attendee audience aligned with your goals.

A Custom Event Activation

BridgingTheGap™ Forums provide quality leadership interaction and branded content opportunities tailored to your needs. With specially curated programming development, hand-picked speaker rosters and attendee recruitment, these forums offer a cost-effective event activation with proven results.

A Curated Event for Change

What we do

Lovell’s BridgingTheGap Forums create tailored event activations–bringing all the right stakeholders and influencer voices together–to engage your target audience and drive measurable results.

BridgingTheGap™ Forums is an initiative of Lovell Corporation–a global consultancy and innovation firm that empowers communities to foster sustainable development and create pathways for emerging talent to prepare for the future of work.

Our talent development strategy focuses on individual growth, multi-sector collaboration and Millennial engagement to bridge opportunity gaps between generations and underrepresented groups with an emphasis on youth and women.

The Opportunity

Your branded BridgingTheGap forum will educate, empower and equip emerging talent and future innovators with the tools and mentorship they need to build a successful career.

With proven results, we’ll provide quality leadership interaction and branded content opportunities tailored to your needs–including specially curated programming development, hand picked speaker rosters and attendee recruitment.

Learn about our

Forum themes

Young Talent

Employers struggle to find and keep qualified young talent—one in five young workers globally are not employed, in education or training. This forum track focuses on what is needed to overcome skills gap and ensure both employers and young workers are prepared to thrive in the future of work.

Inclusive Innovation

There is a need to change the face of innovation and provide equal access to resources and opportunity. With improved education—particularly in the area of entrepreneurship experience—emerging leaders are equipped to generate a viable income, and also stimulate local economic growth and job creation. This forum track focuses on connecting emerging entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups–such as youth, women and girls, and other visible minorities–with executive mentors and investment to scale their ventures.

Sustainable Solutions

Change does not happen in isolation, but more often then not, stakeholders—business, government and community–work in silos. Employers, brands, governments, educators and nonprofits each have a role in addressing community challenges, and all can benefit from the active engagement of today’s young minds and future innovators. Turning passion into purpose, this forum track fosters multi-sector collaboration–connecting all stakeholders of a community with emerging leaders in working groups–to co-create solutions for a local cause.


Provide a curated positive experience

Attendees will discover your role in the innovation. You’ll forge authentic connections with emerging talent that resonate with your mission. 

Share impact stories

Develop a meaningful narrative that shows how you are investing in talent development and inclusive innovation.

Accelerate growth

Increase your leadership visibility by gathering local influencers and subject matter experts for an inspirational and results-oriented event.


Equip emerging leaders for success

They will leave with quality resources and guidance necessary to develop confidence in their voice, share their ideas and positively contribute to society.

Empower "lightbulb moments"

Work with top talent to discuss, evolve and transform their ideas into projects of impact.

Strengthen community connections

Spotlight your thought leadership and empower community ambassadors to co-create solutions for important social and economic challenges.

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The BridgingTheGap Experience

Executive Forum

Inspirational Keynotes

Keynotes from high profile thought leaders, including CEOs, mixed with accomplished young entrepreneurs—sharing candid advice and insights to help attendees build their careers and overcome challenges.

Educational panels

These panels spotlight your leadership and brand–to explore frontier technologies, innovation tools and workplace shifts affecting the future of work and skill gaps.

Interactive Sessions

Innovation Mastermind

These masterminds encourage environmental and social collaboration within the local community to co-create action plans for mental health and wellbeing, education and skills, gender equality, decent work and climate action.

Mentor Chats

Mentor Chats connecting attendees with influential decision makers and executive mentors–including your leadership–to address pressing issues and career challenges.

we love them

what our speakers have to say


Influencer Marketing

Speaker outreach and recruitment–particularly high-profile decision makers and key influencers–related to your chosen forum theme.

Millennial Ambassador

Leverage Lovell’s leadership associations and positive Millennial reputation–reaching emerging leaders in 100 countries–to increase brand sentiment.

Hosting/Keynote Services

Ensure quality interaction with Lovell's award-winning keynotes–recognized by the United Nations (8+ times), G7, TEDx (3 times) and the Royal Family.

Event Promotion

Pre/post-event promotion with targeted partner engagement across Lovell’s business and influencer networks.

Branded Content

Event highlight video or blog article to be repurposed across your organization social media channels and websites of choice.

Social Media Activation

Coordinated social media takeovers, live streams and/or behind the scenes stories to broaden event reach and engagement.

Headshot of Kelly Lovell

Event Creator, Kelly Lovell

Kelly Lovell is 16-time award-winning entrepreneur passionate about creating new models of engagement that foster youth-led innovation, lifelong learning and sustainable development. A globally recognized Millennial influencer and role model for women in business, Lovell provides an authentic voice matched with the industry credibility required to scale up your event reach and brand sentiment. 

Frequently enlisted to speak with world leaders and policymakers, Lovell’s work has been recognized by the President of the United Nations’ General Assembly, the Queen of England, former heads of state and representatives of the G7, G20 and the High-Level Political Forum. Lovell is also a co-director of the United Nations’ Youth-led Innovation group for Blockchain for Impact, a partner of Volunteer2030 and founding Chair of the Youth 2030 initiative.

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