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The BridgingTheGap at Work Forum bridges opportunity gaps in the workplace to reduce inequalities, adapt to digital transformation, and recruit and retain the next generation of talent.

We offer curated industry training and networking best suited for business owners, HR and management professionals, innovation firms and local investors.


2019 Forums


August 21, 2019 Library Square Conference Centre


November 27, 2019 Dalhousie
University Club


November 28, 2019 NOMAD Life


Business Owners

HR and
Management Professionals

Innovation Firms

Local Investors

stay updated on the digital workplace

Learn the latest requirements and challenges of the digital workspace, and how digital transformation is changing Millennial and Generation Z employee mentality.

learn about frontier technologies

Explore the role of frontier technologies like AI, blockchain, VR/AR in the workplace and the challenges and opportunities for businesses that adopt them.

Gain new strategies

Gain new strategies to tap into the motivational drivers and high-impact retention factors of young employees to build a thriving team that lasts.

practice the principles

Put principles into practice with data-driven examples of how successful brands are adapting their recruitment, employee engagement and retention practices in response to digitalization.


Complimentary Workplace Assessment

All BTGatWork participants are invited to complete a free workplace assessment about their current workplace culture to analyze strengths and challenges. The assessment uses BridgingTheGap’s latest generational research on the work values of Millennials and Generation Z to help businesses identify the high performance human resources’ (HPHR) practices that are most important for the younger generation.

Participant feedback will contribute to BridgingTheGap’s ongoing research and development efforts and be used to improve our Future-Ready Employer Index—a tool to analyze workplace gaps and opportunities for businesses to adapt and thrive in the future of work. The tool is will enable businesses to analyze employee performance, engagement, and well-being factors, as well as the mechanisms that explain these relationships.

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Programming Theme

Technology is transforming the way we work. One shift that isn’t yet readily embraced is how this increased connectivity and information access affects employee engagement and workplace communication. Accustomed to life with technology and the convenience and personalized experiences it allows, Millennials and Generation Z talent are increasing the pressure on businesses to adapt and embrace digital transformation.

With a theme of becoming future ready, today the BridgingTheGap at Work (BTGatWork) series organized by Lovell Corporation explores the gaps and opportunities for business in the changing workforce to adapt and thrive in the future of work.

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