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This summer, BridgingTheGap Forums is organizing a cross-Canada tour to connect business and innovation leaders with the next generation. A core theme is helping attendees become future ready, with an emphasis on inclusive innovation and supporting emerging entrepreneurs under 35.

Programming includes:
Future Ready Executive Forum – Analyzing workplace gaps and opportunities for Canadian businesses to adapt and thrive in the future of work.
Youth Innovation Mastermind – Bringing young innovators together with executive mentors to contribute new ideas and solutions for the Federal Government of Canada’s National Strategy for Sustainable Development.

Canada Tour

2019 Locations


August 21, 2019 Library Square Conference Centre


November 27, 2019 Dalhousie University Club


November 28, 2019 NOMAD Life


Programming at a Glance

The BridgingTheGap Executive Forum brings business owners, HR professionals, senior management, innovation firms and local investors together to gain insight on preparing for the future of work.

Technology is transforming the way we work. Accustomed to life with technology and the convenience and personalized experiences it allows, Millennials and Generation Z talent are increasing the pressure on businesses to adapt and embrace digital transformation. The BridgingTheGap Executive Forum will explore the gaps and opportunities for business in the changing workforce to adapt and thrive in the future of work.

Young innovators 18-35 years old work in teams with executive mentors to develop actions plans for a local challenge related to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Youth Innovation Mastermind is aimed at young talent interested in building their career and pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship. Using the leadership skills and action plans developed during the mastermind, participants are equipped with tools to return to their communities and implement their solutions.

Workplace Assessment


The workplace assessment is part of a national research and development project to create BridgingTheGap’s Future-Ready Employer Index—a tool to analyze workplace gaps and opportunities for Canadian businesses to adapt and thrive in the future of work. Participants will be invited to complete a workplace assessment about their current workplace culture and challenges, and this feedback will help to inform the index.

How it works

Combining data-driven insights collected from participants with Lovell Corporation’s latest generational research on the work values of Millennials and Generation Z, the Future Ready-Employer Index will be designed to help businesses identify the high performance human resources (HPHR) practices that are most important for the younger generation. It will serve as a novel tool for businesses to analyze employee performance, engagement, and well-being factors, as well as the mechanisms that explain these relationships.

Contributing to Canada's National Strategy

BTG Forums’ cross-Canada tour facilitates multi-stakeholder collaboration, with a focus on engaging next-gen perspectives, for the Government of Canada’s National Strategy for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) One of the tour’s main objectives is to identify issues important to young people and co-create solutions to improve their lives. Additionally, the Government of Canada will gain new insights into the perspectives and challenges of young Canadians and how to best include their voice in decision-making processes.

Upcoming Speakers

Industry Leaders

anoop virk square

Anoop Virk

Executive Producer


Chin Chang

Chin Chang

Head of Growth

Spring Activator


Karen Bakker

Strategy Director


Nicola Jones-Crossley square

Nicola Jones-Crossley

Business Development Manager

Futurpreneur Canada

Marc Wandler square

Marc Wandler

President & Founder

Susgrainable Health Foods Inc.

NEW Winston Chan square

Winston Chan


Matt Burns square

Matt Burns

Founder & CEO

Global HR Collective

Carlos Leal square

Carlos Leal

Manager, Customer and Digital Consulting


NEW Annee Ngo cropped

Annee Ngo

Co-founder & CEO

Startup League Technologies Inc.

George Benson square

George Benson


Vancouver Economic Comission

Ulrike_Bahr_Gedalia____Headshot square

Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia

President & CEO

Digital Nova Scotia

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 9.34.38 AM

Joseph Lee

Co-Founder & CPO


NEW Craig Ryan cropped 900

Craig Ryan

Director, Social Entrepreneurship


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